When Does The School Day Start?

There has been some confusion as to "When does the school day start?". 
Campus Opens  7:45 am
Cafeteria Serves Breakfast  8:00-8:30 am
1st -5th Playground Opens 8:00 am
Kindergarten Playground Opens 8:15 am

School Dismissal

Regular Day
Kindergarten    1:30 pm
1st-5th Grade   2:15 pm
Minimum Day
ALL Grades    1:15 pm

Safety First

Especially During Dismissal at Kynoch School
Kynoch has students who ride the bus, walk, or are brought to school by the parent in a car.  We are very fortunate our school has 3 separate areas for our students to safely be picked up, ride the bus or walk home.
Walkers:  Students who walk home leave out Ahern Street.  At dismissal we have adult crossing guards at 19th and Ahern, also on Rideout and Ahern.
Bus Riders:  Bus riders come and go via a bus that uses our Bus and Staff Only Loop on Rideout Way.
Car Riders:  These are students brought to school in a car.  Parents are to pick up and drop off the student using the 19th Street Parking Loop.

A big thank you for all of you who are using the parent loop on 19th Street and to all the walkers who are entering the school using Ahern Street and our front entrance

Student Dress

Make sure that you have read our School Calendar Handbook.  We allow no gang colors at Kynoch.  For your student's safety this includes hats and dress. 

We encourage all parents to make sure their students shoes are safe, no backless shoes at school. Students have PE daily and need to wear or bring shoes that are appropriate to participating in PE.

PARENT PARTNERS, The Kynoch Giving Tree

There are many ways for you to support and assist in the formal educational setting of your child.  Teachers will be explaining classroom roles and ways to participate in your child's education at the Back-to-School Night, scheduled for Thursday, September 3, 2009.  This year with our budget cuts we are starting a Kynoch Giving Tree.  The tree is located by the main entrance.  On the tree will be teacher requests for specific donated items.  If you see items you are willing to purchase and donate, just pull the item request from the tree, purchase the item, and deliver to the office or classroom. 

We truly appreciate and need these donations.