Monica Oakes: Principal

Welcome Back!

Kynoch is bursting!  Our enrollment is up, we now have 663 students.  The school year is off to a wonderful beginning.

The cafeteria is getting better, most of the students know their cafeteria numbers.  A big thank you to all the parents for helping.  Kynoch is a big school, our cafeteria is for our students.  The students are the priority.  Parents and guardians who want to wait for their student to finish breakfast wait in the hall or sit at the tables in Wing 2.  The students must eat in the cafeteria or  wait for the 8:00 opening of the playground.  Kindergarten playground opens at 8:15.  The playground and the cafeteria are supervised by school staff.

You can help our school by applying for free or reduced lunch.  Please apply, applications are in the office.

Safety First at Kynoch School
Kynoch has students who ride the bus, walk, or are brought to school by the parent in a car.  We are very fortunate our school has 3 separate areas for our students to safely be picked up, ride the bus or walk home.

Walkers:  Students who walk home leave out Ahern Street.  At dismissal we have adult crossing guards at 19th and Ahern, also on Rideout and Ahern.

Bus Riders:  Bus riders come and go via a bus that uses our Bus and Staff Only Loop on Rideout Way.

Car Riders:  These are students brought to school in a car.  Parents are to pick up and drop off the student using the 19th Street Parking Loop.

Attendance is Important to Future Success
It is imperative that students be in attendance each school day in order not to miss a significant portion of their education.  Many important lessons are learned through active participation in classroom and other school activities, which cannot be replaced by individual study.

Attendance is important in the development of a high quality work ethic, which will be a significant factor in a student’s success with future employers.  One of the most important work habits that employers look for in hiring and promoting a worker is his/her dependability in coming to work every day on time.  This is a habit the School wants to help students develop as early as possible.

Reaching out to you... Diane Lemstrom - Outreach Consultant

Welcome back!  I know this is going to be a great year!

I am happy to once again be working as your Outreach Consultant this year. If you have any questions, problems, concerns or just need some help please don’t hesitate to contact me anytime. I am on campus Monday thru Friday from 7:45 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Our Campus has no adult supervision before 7:45 a.m. so please do not send your child to school before that time. Breakfast in the cafeteria is served at 7:45 and the children are not allowed on the playground until 8:00 a.m. If your child eats breakfast at home in the morning please send them to school so they arrive just shortly after 8 a.m.

Remember!  Check us out on the web at  You can find out all kinds of great information or check to see what your child’s teacher has him or her working on.

We will be offering a “Parenting with Love and Logic” overview night during the month of September and then a full six week class starting in January 2011.

I will be offering Girls Club for the 5th grade girls again this year and that program will start in October. Parents will need to sign a permission slip that will be sent home with your 5th grade student.

Token Tuesday will be in full swing again this year starting Tuesday August 31, 2010. Students are encouraged to do good deeds, help others and go above and beyond to earn tokens. Talk to your child; explain what going “above and beyond” means and what it takes to earn tokens. Encourage them to earn tokens at school and “spend” them at the token store on Tuesdays during their recess.

I wish you all a great year ahead and look forward to working with all of you.

Three for me!

What Counts?

All family contributions to the school are valued and make a difference.

Three for Me helps the school organize and effectively communicate its needs to parents, and welcomes all families into the school as partners in creating a better learning environment for children.

By making the Three for Me promise and dedicating three hours of your time to the school over the course of the school year, you can strengthen the partnership between home and school for your child’s benefit.

Below is a list of many of the ways you can contribute to the school and your child’s education. The opportunities are grouped into things you can do from home, things you can do at the school, and things you can do in the community. All these options and more can count toward your three-hour promise.

Please review the opportunities and consider where your interests and talents lie; then fill out the Volunteer Sign-Up Sheet.

A Sign-up Sheet will come home in Thursday’s Mail.  Additional Sign-up Sheets will be available in the office.